Nissan bulldozes into the NAIAS with Titan Warrior Concept

Titan Warrior Concept

While one headline screams that the Titan Warrior Concept from Nissan is ready to “pick a fight,” it’s looking more like a long and protracted war – the pickup market is white hot, and with beasts such as the Ford Raptor, it’ll come down to brand loyalty and nothing less.

Let’s vibe up with what the Titan Warrior Concept is real quick: 5.0-liter Cummins V-8 diesel, 6-speed auto transmission and a bolder exterior. Considering the fact that it was designed by Nissan Design America in San Diego’s La Jolla, California, the upscale enclave that the late, great author and film producer Michael Crichton resided, it certainly is a whole different version of “the raptor,” if you will.

The concept’s powertrain is from the Titan XD, so it’s not exactly new. However, as Autoblog points out, the new specs such as “new control arms, rear sway bar, and fitment of internal bypass reservoir shocks” are spliced into this vehicle. The car is also six inches wider than the Titan XD but has updated headlights and taillights – because what else matters the most when you’re in the middle of a dark, windy mountainous terrain somewhere in Europe or in Texas, right?

The off-road suspension is definitely a prized signature feature in this concept and its one that is likely to trickle down to the production model (just a guess).

Also, it appears that Nissan is marketing this truck to veterans (more on that in the press release). As they try to go all-encompassing, the Japanese automaker’s U.S. arm is also thinking back to the dawn of age (LOL): “the design team imagined how their original TITAN design, inspired by warriors in ancient Greek mythology, might evolve to extreme levels of adventure duty.”

Okay then, Nissan. Good luck.

But back to reality: “a quartet of 37-inch tall off- road tires mounted on custom 18 x 9.5-inch aluminum-alloy wheels” is what the Titanzilla is sitting on. There are also custom LED lights because, well, you know… why not be all the way menacing? To really let folks know you’re coming, the concept also a quad-tipped exhaust system is integrated into the rear bumper.

The Nissan Titan Warrior Concept and its custom matte-gunmetal paint called “Thunder” with special “Magma” orange and black color highlights are pretty cool, as well. So what’s next? Well, since Nissan is coming to market with advanced gas-powered Endurance V8 producing 390 horsepower and 401 lb-ft of torque (for both TITAN and TITAN XD models beginning in early spring 2016), expect a breadth of offerings to include “three cab configurations, two frame sizes, three powertrain offerings and five grade levels (more information on the full lineup will be available at a later date).”

FoMoCo, how do you really feel?

Photo Credit: Nissan

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