2017 Lincoln Continental wows NAIAS media horde and then some

FoMoCo is apparently the newly coined acronym for the rebuilt Ford Motor Company.

The Detroit automaker enjoyed a $1.6 billion revenue filled (U.S. sales) third quarter 2015. That said, it’s only right that it release its subsidiary Lincoln Motor Company into the orbit next.

How? Well, just take a glimpse at the 2017 Lincoln Continental, an indisputably luxury sedan poised to battle for market share from the titans of luxury through 2016 and well into 2017. At the very min, we think so (price points do matter, needless to say).

Under the hood of the Continental is a trusty 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6. The company  – headed up by a visionary, clearly, because what else can one call Kumar Galhotra if not the man – says its horsepower is around 400 with another 400 in the vaunted lb.-ft. of torque department.

Building on the innovative Lincoln MKZ, the base price of which is just under $50,000, it’s no wonder Lincoln is looking to push into the so-called “luxury game,” as Car Scoops describes it.

This being the crème-de-la-crème of American cars, the Continental, when it debuts sometime this week on the NAIAS show floor, is going to feature exactly what car fanatics globally would want in their luxury car (American or not): “heated, cooled and massaging Perfect Position 30-way seats” is the kind of stuff one finds in an SL 500.

Let’s not digress though; there’s also plenty of room for passengers and leather, wood, aluminum, acoustic laminated glass, active noise control, etc. Not to mention, the Continental is also expected to carry adaptive steering in its all-wheel drive, three drive modes, surround-view cameras, adaptive cruise control.

Let’s not forget one other ironic coinkidink: The FordMoCo’s Lincoln Motor Company is debuting the Ford – excuse me, Lincoln – Continental on the day that the POTUS is going to address the nation in his farewell State of the Union speech.

Good times!

Photo Credit: Lincoln

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