Meet Mazda’s brand new rotary sports car: the RX-Vision


File this under ‘out of left field’: Mazda is introducing an all-news sports car concept with a rotary engine.

If, like us, you need a refresher on what in the world a rotary engine is – Mazda itself ironically calls it “unconventional technology” – it’s like this: Instead of reciprocating pistons in conventional car engines, rotary engines “generate power through the rotational motion of triangular rotors.”

Mazda’s plans are ambiguous (perhaps intentionally) about the possibility of the RX-Vision ever being put in production, although the Japanese automaker points out that its concerted effort to commercialize rotary power came in 1967 through the Mazda Cosmo Sport 110S and the Mazda RX-7, at 800,000 sold the best-selling rotary model produced (from 1978-2002).

Perhaps the most telling hint in Mazda’s announcement of the RX-Vision, which will be on display at the Tokyo Motor Show from Oct. 30 through Nov. 8, is that the company “never ceased its R&B activities” and the Miata maker chose the SKYACTIV-R label for the next-generation rotary engine to express its determination to continue delivering its customers convention-defying technology and an uncompromising SKYACTIV experience behind the wheel,” the company says.

For now, specs are scant for the front-engine, rear-wheel drive RX-Vision. Perhaps Mazda will reveal more details after it processes the responses to its new rotary machine.

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