Tesla Model X makes grand entrance, wows with features

Tesla Model X

It may have been long-delayed but is well worth the wait: Tesla Model X is finally here and the electric SUV is a thing of beauty and automotive prowess. Key aspects of the new car range from driving range (250 miles) to the most strange (an air filter system that can protect the car’s occupants against a bio weapon attack) – with prices ranging from $130,000 to north of $140,000.

Of course, the fancy gadgetry inside the cabin of the Model X and its falcon wing rear doors will impress just about anybody while the battery of the Model X is that of its sibling Model S P90D sedan. With the wraps coming off Tesla’s first new model in three years at the Sept. 29 press conference at Tesla’s Northern California factory, enthusiasts finally got to see the glimpse of a groundbreaking EV.

The falcon doors are double-hinged and are fit with ultrasonic sensors that allow them to scan the area around the car and open even in the tightest of spaces.

The base variation of the Model X is powered by a 90 kWh battery and dual motors – 259 hp in the front and 503 hp in the back – and is called 90D. For an additional $10,000, one can upgrade to P90D, which features the “ludicrous mode” in which that Model X – like Model S – can hit 0-60 mph in a truly ridiculous 3.2 seconds. For those keeping score at home, this pits it near the Bugatti.

Pricing on the Model X 90D starts at $132,000 and the car gets 257 miles on a charge, while the P90D costs $142,000 and has a 250 mile range. The car’s maximum speed is 155 mph. While it weighs 5,441 pounds, the Model X has Class 3 towing ability, meaning it can haul an astounding 5,000 pounds.

White leather, a 17-inch touchscreen and various cupholders are inside the luxurious and quiet cabin – although the 560-watt stereo system with 17 speakers can turn the volume up quickly.

Tesla announced that Model X deliveries will take around eight to 12 months.

Photo Credit: Tesla Motors

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