Thunder Power is really the name of an electric sports car from Taiwan

Strange as names go, Thunder Power is not a description but the actual name of a new electric sports car from a first-time automaker: a power tool manufacturer in Taiwan, of the same name. The luxury electric vehicle was unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show this week.

To the surprise of many, Thunder Power has partnered with Italian design house Zagato to create the aesthetics of the sedan and racer models of the new EV. The car features sleek curves but is more defined by the concentric circles on its chrome grille, wood trim inside, and very narrow headlights and tail lights.

The rear-wheel drive car produces 308 horsepower and 429 hp in the Racer version – figures that haven’t been independently verified. With a 125 kWh battery situated in the floor, the Racer model is said to be able to reach 62 mph in under 5 seconds and max out at 155 mph.

The most intriguing claim from Thunder Power is its purported 404-mile range on a full charge, which puts it ahead of Tesla and other electric vehicles. This is made possible thanks to a “unique high-energy-density lithium-ion cell technology,” according to a company release. Two charging modes are available, with the onboard standard charging system fully charging the battery in less than 6 hours while the fast charging mode can add 300 km range in less than half hour or full charge in an hour.

Thunder Power plans to begin selling the sedan and the Racer in Europe in 2017, with China to follow in 2018 and U.S. to follow.

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