Audi debuts e-tron quattro concept with 310-mile driving range

e-tron quattro concept

The latest preview of Audi’s future comes in the form of the e-tron quattro concept, unveiled this week at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The all-electric concept serves as the teaser of an all-electric sports SUV slated for a 2018 debut.

The e-tron quattro has a low 0.25 drag coefficient but awesome power – 370 kW to be exact – and is intended to show what an everyday luxury SUV may look like in just a few years. The concept has three electric motors: one dedicated to the front axle and two on the rear axle. With more 590 lb.-ft. of torque available, the e-tron quatto is performance-oriented like a sports car. Its 0-60 mph time is a very serviceable 4.6 seconds and top speed is 130.5 mph.

This being an Audi, an intelligent drive management system is on board with several programs available for the right mode in particular driving conditions. The car is also equipped with a Torque Control Manager that evenly distributes power among the wheels. Lighting in the concept uses Matrix laser and OLED technology, which will be used in production cars and shows for the first time with the e-tron quattro.

The lithium-ion 95 kWh battery is located in the floor of the passenger area and provides the car with a low center of gravity and a terrific range of 310.7 miles on a full charge. The Combined Charging System allows for charging with either DC or AC currents, and a full charge with DC current of 150 kW takes about 50 minutes. The car’s also equipped with the Audi Wireless Charging technology and a large solar roof that gathers electricity for the battery during sunny days.

The interior of the concept features the new Audi virtual cockpit curved OLED, which made its debut in production cars last year. The fully digital instrument cluster and touch displays are included with black glass and aluminum frames.

Finally, the e-tron quattro features Audi’s latest technology such as radar sensors, video camera and ultrasonic sensors – along with a laser scanner – that feed data into a central driver assistance controller located in the luggage area. With piloted driving in mind, these systems will soon be available in Audi’s production vehicles, according to the German automaker.

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