Tesla Model X Signature Series will have 240-mile range, hit 0-60 in 3.8 seconds

Tesla Model X Signature Series

For the folks who forked over $40,000 deposits to own a Tesla Model X Signature Series, Christmas came early this week, as the company opened the design studio where they can learn more about their electric SUVs and get them customized to their preference.

The rest of us have to settle with new information about the Model X, which is as follows: the 90 kWh variant, the only one available, has a 240-mile (EPA) range and 0-60 mph time of 3.8 seconds. Model X can go up to 155 mph, InsideEVs.com reports.

The all-wheel drive Model X gets 259 horsepower from the front motor and 503 hp from the rear motor. Additional features include towing, with an optional towing packing package – up to 5,000 pounds – available for $750. For the speed-conscious, Tesla is offering the “Ludicrous” package, which will cost $10,000 but trim the 0-60 time to 3.2 seconds.

The price for the Model X starts at $132,000 and can reach up to $144,000 depending on optional features. With the deposit for the SUV eight times more than that for the standard X model, Tesla estimated the vehicle costs $25,000 more than the non-exclusive version.

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