U.K. Audi dealership tries to do right by buyer, gets stuck with $1,100 dinner bill

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Customer satisfaction is important to business, especially car dealerships. To make up for slight damage to a brand spanking new Audi A3 convertible upon delivery, an Audi dealership in the U.K. decided to treat the car’s owner to a free meal.

What the conscientious folks at Audi Watford didn’t expect – and were rudely surprised by, hence why you’re reading this – was that Siobhan Yap, 27, would take her mom out to a posh London restaurant and leave them on the hook with a 714 pound ($1,100) bill.

The receipt somehow made it to the Daily Mail and shows Yap and her mom feasted on “four glasses of rosé champagne, two $106 bottles of wine, a $54 black truffle tasting dish, scallops, risotto and $132 in cocktails, among many other dishes for a total of 21 different items” at the L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon restaurant in Covent Garden in London.

Watford Audi was shocked by Yap’s indulgence and only agreed to pay half of the bill. “We believe this is a fair and reasonable amount given the circumstances, and we stand by the decision taken,” a spokesman said.

Yap was not too happy – throwing in a grievance about not getting a courtesy car, too.

“They only gave me one because I kicked up a fuss with the MD,” she said. “I received a sum of £250 but I have had no further contact with them. The statement that they offered me half is incorrect.”

There are clearly a few lessons learned from this fiasco for Audi and, really, all new car dealerships. One, don’t damage a new car. And two, if it happens, be very clear about the lengths you are willing to go to make the customer feel better about it.

And be wary of buyers like Yap.

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