McLaren 540C Coupe live photos: 2015 Shanghai Auto Show

McLaren Automotive, the British luxury powerhouse has done it again by unveiling the second model in their new Sports Series, the McLaren 540C Coupe. Boasting a 3.8-liter twin turbocharged V-8 engine, Formula 1-style anti-rollbars, and a unique carbon fiber MonoCell II chassis, this beast of a coupe goes down as the most attainable McLaren yet. The 540C Coupe soars from 0-62 mph in 3.5 seconds and 0-124 mph in 10.5 Seconds.

The car also generates 533 hp through a mid-engine design which essentially makes the 540C a cross between the Super Series and Ultimate Series McLaren’s. As super car-esque as the 540C’s engine might sound, it also holds key features such as start-stop technology for efficiency and multiple driving settings ranging from ‘Normal’ to ‘Sport’.

The MonoCell II Chassis provides a sense of day-to-day usability from it’s lightweight structure weighing in at 2,890 lbs to class-leading driver safety. The carbon fiber build is 330 pounds lighter than the 540C Coupe’s closest competitor in the super car market. Alongside a lightweight chassis is an aesthetically pleasing and unique addition to the McLaren build. Aero blades on the body that channel fresh, cold air through the lower portion of the car. This paired with minimal drag provides for a smooth and sleek chassis as a whole.

McLaren also brought in new cast alloy wheels that are available in a silver, stealth finish and Pirelli P Zero tires for high levels of performance in all conditions. F1-derived brake steer and anti-rollbars were also added onto the 540C for precision braking power and response around corners and enhanced levels of driver engagement on both the road and track. The 540C Coupe’s adaptive dampers also offer handling settings such as ‘Normal’, ‘Sport’, and ‘Track’, allowing car lovers to actively change their driving experience based on their surroundings.

Moving onto the cabin of the 540C Coupe, McLaren decided to outfit the vehicle with high quality leather upholstery on the seats, dashboard, and lower doors. The center console of the car features a “floating” seven inch IRIS touch screen that controls everything from Bluetooth and media streaming to navigation. Between it’s impeccable performance specifications and luxuriously fabricated interior, the 540C Coupe will be available to a wider range of consumers. The models price starts at 126,000 EUR and will be globally available during early 2016.

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