Hellcat owner posts YouTube video to help fellow owners avoid embarrassment


Even if you are the lion, other animals lower in the food chain are going to try and come for your head. That’s just how nature works. In the muscle car world, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat are the newest lions, able to unleash an ungodly 707 upon lesser beasts.

However, even the mighty fall – and it is precisely that that Hellcat owner William Wallace wants to see avoided. Wallace created and posted a YouTube video with seven things that Hellcat owners should know about their American muscle car in order to not end up becoming the butt of jokes when a Tesla Model S P85D or an all-wheel drive Bugatti smokes the Hellcat in a race … Only to enter Facebook infamy.

In his Jersey (or some part of the Eastern U.S.) accent, Wallace doesn’t hold back with colorful language that the red key is the only key Hellcat owners need to get their max horsepower. Also, he recommends wider tires for traction, and to generally avoid racing sports cars with AWD and all-electric vehicles, whose torque, as he puts it, is “infinite” from standstill.

“I shouldn’t have to make this video. I shouldn’t have to tell you these things,” the proud Hellcat owner spews in the video, adding, “I’m just sick and tired of seeing the Hellcat losing.”

Wallace has some good points. We can’t but laugh along with this Braveheart for speaking out for the Hellcat’s everywhere. How long will it before Dodge gets him in a commercial?

(Warning: expletive-filled language throughout video)

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