Grassroots Motorsports

Starting in 2015, CF Blog will be kicking off a new segment to the site dedicated to motorsports. We will focus mostly on grass roots racing, some classic vehicles and individual owners of cars. We here at CF remember our humble beginnings and as we have grown to be more than just a car forum, where social misfits came together to discuss just about anything and everything with wheels, we want to recognize the little guys that don’t get the recognition they deserve for being true gearheads.

We all drool over the people that have deep pockets for projects or the big name shops that put out spectacular numbers. However, many of us do the best we can with what we have and love putting our blood, sweat and tears into our pride and joys. Our focus will be on the weekend racing warriors as well those special tuners and builders that don’t get the recognition they deserve for being a true car fanatic.

Since I’m located in the Northeast, I will be focusing on cars within this area and would love to see some of your rides and put you in our very own hall of fame. So, if you or someone you know is worthy of being recognized send us a message on Facebook or email us here at CF Blog and we’ll do our best to have your hard work showcased here. Thank you for supporting Car Fanatics Blog!

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