Here’s your first look at Ferrari’s hardcore 1,035 hp FXX K

Ferrari brand is known for high-performance, to say the least, but the Prancing Horse may have outdone itself with its latest research car. The FXX K is a hybrid slated to debut at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi this week. It packs sheer power, generating 1050 cv combined from 860 cv out of its V-12 engine and another 190 cv from its electric motor. The car’s torque is more than 900 Nm.

Ferrari is not planning to put the FXX K on professional racing circuit, instead treating it as a lab experiment. Access is limited to an exclusive group of clients who will get to test drive it over the next few years.

The K in the car’s name stands for “KERS” kinetic energy recovery system, which consists of four settings controlled from the console: Manual Boost for instant torque; Fast Charge, for a quick battery recharge; Long Run for optimized performance and Qualify for maximum performance. The V-12 has been modified with new camfasts while the intake manifolds were redesigned and the exhaust system was stripped of silencers.

Aerodynamics of the FXX K were improved and its posture from the front includes a twin-profile spoiler and a larger splitter, adapted from Ferrari’s award-winning GT models. In the back, the tail is higher and the mobile spoiler is longer by some 60 mm. The improvements produce 50 percent improvement in downforce in the low drag configuration and a 30 percent increase in the downforce configuration, pegged at 540 kg at 200 km/h.

Photo Credit: Ferrari

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