Infiniti Q80 Inspiration live photos: 2014 Paris Motor Show

The Infiniti Q80 Inspiration is Infiniti’s first go at the premium luxury sedan market. Though the market is dominated by the likes of Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and more recently Aston Martin with their release of the Lagonda, Infiniti believes they have something unique to bring to the market. By the looks of things the Q80 Inspiration fits the bill with its stunning presence and luxurious interior coupled with simplistic yet sophisticated technology. This car was inspired by Infiniti’s interpretation of the future in terms of how to move people at the upper end of their clientele. They look to incorporate elegance, style, and emotion.

Exterior and Design

Straight away you notice the seriousness of Infiniti’s intentions with entering this new market. It is simply a stunning design that has the practicality of four doors with a fastback look. It’s feminine and elegant yet sophisticated and in some ways masculine. This car then was created to make a statement. That statement beacons “I’ve arrived.” Although, you may have arrived at a party or event but what this car really says is that you have arrived to a new level of class and that you have indeed made it as an influential contributor in your field.

Interior Design

Infiniti again sticking with their inspiration of elegance, styling, and emotion to the interior of the Q80 Inspiration. With a four individualized seating arrangement and an innovative heads up display called HUD. These HUDs only display whats needed while keeping the complexity of infotainment systems hidden from view. This too is inspired by Infiniti’s human-centric ethos mindset. Likewise the front passenger has a HUD, which displays external information via a connected smartphone. In addition the rear passengers also get their own touch screens mounted in the front seats headrest. The leather interior has a fine quilted-like look coupled with high end metal finishes all accented from the full glass panoramic roof. Infiniti has paid close attention to detail in creating a welcoming, uncluttered environment for driver and passengers alike. Smart technology, simplified and functional.

Performance and Efficiency

For such a vast car Infiniti boasts a 3.0-liter V-6 mated with a hybrid-electric powertrain which is said to produce 550 hp. This is just one of many new engine options expected throughout the brand over the next two years. That is unbelievable power from a non-V-8 motor. Engineering is at an all-time high with Infiniti as they also boast this engine will achieve an EPA of 42.8 mpg. While the power and efficiency is no doubt impressive, the autonomous driving experience is one of utmost importance and unique within the luxury sedan market. With the HUDs, use of cameras, lasers, and sensors Infiniti believes these are there to enhance the driving experience not take it away. It is not the goal for the brand to develop self-driving cars but rather use similar technology to enhance and empower the driving experience. The believe this is the way premium cars of tomorrow should look like.

Right about now you are probably thinking this all sounds great but its just a concept car. However, the name Q80 Inspiration suggests that there is an intent for production associated with it. Remember the Q30 announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013? Although, this too was a concept as an intent to enter the premium compact segment, the result of the Q30 will go into production in 2015. This speak volumes into the reality of the Q80 Inspiration going into production. This will be the new benchmark in the luxury sedan market for years to come.

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