McLaren unveils track-focused 650S Sprint at Pebble Beach

McLaren is set to premiere its four latest versions at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, including the P1 GTR, 650S and 650S Sprint.

The 650S Sprint is a hardcore version of the road-going 650S Coupe. With a track-focused car you can expect some serious upgrades. Including increased levels of downforce due to the carbon fiber rear wing, front splitter and various active aerodynamics pulled from the P1 GTR. Also assisting in this area is McLaren’s own ProActive Chassis Control or PCC. This allows for later breaking into corners and improved brake feel all while cornering at greater speeds. This Brake Steer system is truly remarkable.

The 650S Sprint adopts the same 3.8-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine from the road car version. However, McLaren has made a few tweaks to the engine and transmission to make the Sprint track worthy. In addition, the ride height has been lowered for better cornering on the track due to its recalibrated adaptive damping.

As standard for track cars you also get a cabin that is track-focused. It is stripped out to minimize weight without compromising driver experience, comfort, and safety. McLaren GT recently announced the 650S GT3 race car, which will be seen on the grid from next season, and the 650S Sprint shares a number of design features with its bigger brother.

A high capacity fuel tank has been added along with quick-fill connectors that will make pit stops more efficient. McLaren has even installed a polycarbonate windscreen to display how serious they are about saving weight.

This car is purposefully built to give the proud owner a truly unique and uncompromised track experience. The McLaren 650S Sprint will be sold for $256,000 respectively.

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