BMW Vision Future Luxury aims to redefine luxury vehicles

We’ve been waiting a while for BMW to once again push the envelope in the luxury automotive world. And it looks like that time has thankfully come again.

At the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, BMW is introducing the Vision Future Luxury concept car, which shows auto lovers what direction BMW is headed in. And ladies and gentlemen, it is fair to say that that direction is a very, very good one.

Both the exterior and interior of the Vision Future Luxury lead BMW in an exciting and innovative direction. The interior expresses what BMW is calling subtractive modeling, which features heavy amounts of both carbon fiber and wood, to create a multi-faceted interior that is higher in technology and interior performance, but lower in weight. The carbon fiber adds an aesthetic element alongside the performance factor, and the sharp lines and small B-Pillar make the car an absolute beauty from inside.

The view from the driver’s seat is nothing short of innovative, as a three-sided wrap-around gauge cluster surrounds the driver for a cockpit feel, and a performance-oriented ambiance. Contrary to the way this initially sounds, it is designed to make the car feel even more spacious than a normal cockpit. The display is highlighted by the Vision Head Up Display, which highlights pertinent road information (such as signs, hazards, etc.), and brings them to the forefront of the driver’s view.

In the back seats, BMW eschews the traditional rear bench, instead opting for two personal, luxury-oriented seats. The result is far more personal elegance, luxury, and space than a normal luxury sedan would have.

And finally, the exterior is everything you would expect from a BMW concept. It is clearly influenced by the 7-Series, yet also clearly a car for the future. It is graceful and elegant, but sharp and electric on the eyes.

And if the real deal is anything like the concept, we’ll be given a car that will change the world of the luxury automobile.

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