The second coming of Toyota

Do a double take with this Toyota FT-1 sports car concept. That’s right, Toyota. The recent reality of Toyota has been plagued with recalls and a lack of design that makes us gear heads wonder why. Yes, Toyota makes the best selling car in the Corolla since…the car. Lately though it has been strictly business and no play, no imagination from the car giant, until now.

Finally with Toyota’s release of the FT-1 Sports car we find ourselves gawking over FT-1 pictures. It isn’t like Toyota didn’t know how to make a good two-door sports car. Take for instance the 2000GT, Celica, Supra, MR2 and the FR-S. It is in their bloodline without a doubt. The FT-1 is a step above the rest and pictures really do speak a thousand words with this car.

It’s the way the body is seemingly sculpted by the Greek Gods. This car seems as though it was formed not built. Perhaps its because of the deep intakes and outlets that support its track worthiness DNA. It’s without doubt a look that will get our hearts racing.  We were all caught off guard when the original FT-1 was announced in January. Perhaps it was the bold red exterior color or perhaps it was the overall design.  However, the new graphite color shows off the impeccable body lines in ways we thought were impossible.

Then there is the purposeful and equally stunning interior. The cockpit surrounds the driver like some futuristic fighter jet lined in a blend of leather and carbon fiber.  It wasn’t always this way as the original FT-1’s interior was masculine and bold using raw metals with red painted edges.  However, in the “new” FT-1 the saddle leather is a more natural touch and with blended brown edges this car’s interior has an authentic appeal. These changes from the first to the second car brings a more sophisticated feel that has the ability to be versatile.  Although, it is a nice place to sit there is nothing to distract you as you become one with the road.

And now there is a GT version called the FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo slated to be available this September…uhhhh…for virtual download in the new game Grand Turismo 6 (GT6).

There is no doubt that the combination of the high-powered virtual FT-1 Vision GT and the physical version in the FT-1 sparks excitement, passion and desired performance.

Photo Credit: Toyota

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