Stolen Tesla leads cops on a dangerous chase

News flash: don’t steal cars and then run from the police in them. It doesn’t end well for anyone involved.

But that’s exactly what happened around 1:00 AM Friday morning in West Hollywood, where a stolen Tesla Model S led police officers on a high speed chase with an ugly ending. “Electric car” and “high speed chase” are normally pairings of words that people associate together, but this is a Tesla we’re talking about, and it reached triple digit speeds in its attempt to evade cops.

When all was said and done, the Tesla went sideways into a light pole, splitting the car cleanly in half. The front of the Model S immediately caught fire, while the rear end flew up and lodged itself in the entrance of a synagogue.

The driver – who was ejected from the vehicle – survived, but is in critical condition. More tragically, two police officers were hospitalized, where there are in serious condition, and three passengers of a Honda that was hit by the Tesla were hospitalized, with two in serious condition and one in critical condition.

Looking at the aftermath of the crash, it’s a miracle that no one died; let’s hope it stays that way.

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