BMW pairs with GoPro

Ever since GoPro cameras first hit the markets, people have been using them to further the experience of motorsports. Whether attaching the cameras to their motorcycle helmets, or their car’s wheel well, motorsport enthusiasts have taken to using GoPros to take riding and driving to a whole new level.

And now GoPro is teaming up with BMW to help drivers make the most of their cars, and their cameras. BMW has announced that, starting in July, GoPro will be fully integrated into their infotainment system. Better yet, the update will work with all models from 2012 or later, as long as they are equipped with BMW apps.

Here’s how it works: GoPro owners must have a WiFi enabled GoPro, with the newest iteration of the GoPro app installed on their iPhone. Then they must connect the iPhone to their Bimmer. From that point, they’ll be able to view what the GoPro is seeing through the navigation screen, and control the camera through the iDrive system.

Drivers can begin and end recording, control visual effects, choose camera facing in or out, and operate many other features, all through the infotainment system. It’s a huge innovation for documenting motorsports; as GoPro Director of Strategic Product Operations, Adam Silver said,

“GoPro has deep roots in motorsports and is passionate about enabling drivers to capture their road or track experience. The GoPro and BMW collaboration sets a new standard in the category and is an important first step in a partnership designed to deliver next-level integration between camera and car.”

The full GoPro experience will also be available to Mini drivers who have the Mini connected option.

Photo Credit: BMW

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