A hungry Godzilla chomps down on a Fiat 500L in new ad

Few marketing tactics are as successful as pairing products with upcoming highly-anticipated feature films for cross-branding advertising. And Fiat is the latest company to try this, as their newest commercial – co-starring the four-door 500L and Godzilla – hit televisions everywhere on Monday.

The premise of the commercial is simple, albeit hilarious. Godzilla is destroying everything in his path, and is seeking out Fiats to eat as snacks. As a police helicopter exclaims “it looks like he’s craving Italian!” Godzilla snatches a hard to catch yellow 500L, only to choke on it and spit it out, as the voiceover narrator reminds us that the new Fiat isn’t as small as you think it is.

The commercial went all out, which is part of why it is so successful: the visual effects team Moving Picture Company – which did the effects for the film – also handled the commercial, giving the 30-second spot the exact same look, feel, and quality as the movie, which hits theaters on May 16. In addition, Fiat and Godzilla are running cross promotions, as people can win Godzilla giveaways on Fiat’s Facebook page and website.

Fiat’s thinking behind the commercial was simple. Chrysler and Fiat’s Head of Fiat Brand Olivier Francois said,

“As one of the year’s most anticipated films prepares to hit movie screens, we want to think big like the Fiat 500L, and what’s bigger than ‘Godzilla’?”

It’s a smart marketing campaign, and one that has been historically proven to be successful. Well played, Fiat.

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