Photographer has wild Lamborghini Huracan encounter

A photographer recently spotted a Lamborghini Huracan driven on a road in Florida and decided to take pictures and shoot video. Bad idea. The driver reacted angrily and it made for some TMZ-worthy theatrics as result.

Unlike other drivers who got close to the prototype Huracan to snap pictures on their phones, Jason Thorgalsen actually had professional photography equipment. That apparently incensed the Huracan driver, who tried maneuvering away and also called up help, who showed up driving an Audi A8.

That’s when things got a little scary for Thorgalsen, who narrated the episode in a video description as follows:

As I approached the exit with the 2 cars behind me I was amazed the Audi forced his way on my right hand side and blocked my car from getting off the highway as the Lamborghini pulled in behind me. I have seen plenty of prototypes driving on the road well before production so I was shocked the driver of the Lamborghini was exiting the vehicle on the side of the highway and approaching my car. He immediately started yelling at me trying to intimidate me which I couldn’t be bothered by but when he reached inside of my car and shoved my camera he escalated the situation which I decided it was time to call the police before he continued any further.”

The Huracan driver scurried back in his car and sped off, clearly not wanting to deal with the authorities. The A8 driver continued to block Thorgalsen a few minutes longer before also taking off.

According to Jalopnik, the Huracan driver is not a Lamborghini driver or an employee. The company was looking into the incident.

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