The party is over: Apple buys Tesla

Well, it finally happened. After weeks of speculation, one of the world’s leading tech innovators has absorbed another one: Apple has purchased Tesla for the whopping sum of $40 billion.

On the forefront this reeks of Tim Cook trying to escape from Steve Jobs’ shadow. As brilliant as Jobs was, even he never dreamt of going as big as cars. Now Cook is putting his own stamp on Apple, with a move that no one could have predicted a year ago.

And yet, it makes perfect sense. For Apple, who has $160 billion lying around, why not buy a company that is so clearly the future of the automotive world?  That was Cook’s feeling, at least, as he said,

“This move will transition Apple from a global brand to a holistic company for the future. With our recent strides in television, and now this, combined with our computer, tablet, and smart phone prowess, we will be prepared to offer consumers everything they need in life, short of food, water, and a bed.”

For Tesla, the timing was right, too. With stock at an all-time high, they were able to maximize profits by selling, and Elon Musk seemed rather pleased. In a statement he said,

“Though it was a difficult decision to sell Tesla, I am far more concerned with the future of the electric car – and our environmental well being – than with being the face a company. I laid the foundation for the next great automotive innovation, and now it’s time to put it in the hands of fellow creators who can help push Tesla to even higher heights. This is only the beginning for Tesla.”

It’s yet to be seen how this will impact 2015’s upcoming Model X, or if Apple will have a strong influence on the consumer friendly Model E that’s on the horizon. One thing’s for certain, though:

The biggest innovator in technology, buying the biggest innovator in the automotive world; it’s almost too good to be true . . .

Photo Credit: Tesla Motors

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