Rinspeed to debut Tesla Model S-based autonomous concept at Geneva Motor Show

With autonomous driving vehicles soon to be a reality, a Swiss company is putting the “driver’s” needs first in the computer-driven car.

Swiss idea factory Rinspeed presents the “XchangE” concept car to the public in a world premiere at the Geneva Auto Show. This concept, according to Frank M. Rinderknecht of Rinspeed, focuses on redesigning the interior of autonomous vehicles to better accommodate the now-unburdened driver.

The electric sedan named “XchangE”, engineered by 4erC and built at Esoro, features all-new seats reminiscent of the relaxing business-class seats of major airlines. In fact, the concept car will feature more than 20 possible seating arrangements, including swiveling and reclining options.

The “driver” can focus on other things like getting work done, answering emails or relaxing. And “XchangE” takes the other passengers into consideration too as they’ll be able to assume any seating or resting position they want too.

Infotainment leader Harman will lead the way with a scalable platform which is based on HTML5 and provides comprehensive protection against hacker attacks. There will be multiple functions for navigation, entertainment and internet services available on four different screens.

A 32-inch monitor in the rear converts the “XchangE” into an on-demand movie theater on wheels which is controlled with simple gestures. The vehicle will be fully networked to the outside world using real-time sensor data.

The interior features an avant-garde concept employing textiles whose blue and gray tones offer a maritime vibe.

A Plexglass roof from Evonik Industries features radiant surface coating and shimmers in all colors of the rainbow thanks to 358 individually controlled LEDs.

The “XchangE” – as a Tesla evolution – sits on 20-inch alloy wheels with a “Reflectic” finish.

So much thought was put into this concept car, all with the new-era driver in mind. You can do whatever activity you wish from reading, listening to music, surfing the web, playing games or watching movies or even a hold a meeting while brewing a cup of coffee. Rinderknecht summed up the “XchangE” perfectly: “I am given free time that I can use for myself anyway I please, while the sensor systems and the connectivity chauffeur me safely and reliably to my destination.”

The “XchangE” will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show which will take place March 6-16.

Photo Credit: Rinspeed

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