Watch The Stig race a Google Street View Car in a Mercedes SLS AMG

For most people, Google Maps Street View is simply a fun tool for checking out their childhood home, or getting a sneak peak of an apartment they’re viewing without ever leaving their couch. But for car enthusiasts, it just became something even greater.

Top Gear recently allowed Google Maps to bring one of their famed camera cars to the crew’s test course in southeast England, where the show famously tests supercars and watches celebrities show off their driving skills (or, sometimes, lack thereof). It is, in a word, awesome, to be able to walk your way through the track. Top Gear’s testing course is pretty familiar to most car enthusiasts, but, until now, we’ve never really gotten to see what the entire course looks and feels like.

To make matters even more exciting, Top Gear sent The Stig to hit the course in a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series. As a result, the mysterious man makes a few cameos in the street view images.

If you’re a fan of driving, or even just of Top Gear, you have to check it out, as you can walk your way through every twist and turn (most notably Bentley Bend, where so many of the show’s guest drivers have failed  miserably). The track, of course, is built at Dunsfold Aerodrome, so airplanes abound, and the public is nowhere to be seen; this is the closest you can get.

Go check it out here, and drive through the incredible course with your mouse. Just make sure to look in the window of the white SLS AMG next to you; you don’t want to miss The Stig.

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