FT-1 concept brings sport back to Toyota

Toyota is getting fun again. The automaker is bringing back their early-90’s flair – when Supras and MR2s (the good MR2s) – roamed the streets. Toyota unveiled today the FT-1 Concept, a futuristic sports car designed by their Calty Design Research branch. It’s so futuristic in fact, that the name stands for “Future Toyota.” And the two years in the making project does not disappoint.

The car is stunning looking, and really does look like what you would have expected the Supra to evolve into, if you had tried to predict the car’s design trajectory. The curvaceous rear, and long torso make for a stunning look that, from a rear angle kind of resembles a Fisker Karma.

It’s safe to assume that this will be the sportiest Toyota to date, and by a longshot. The interior of the car is a purists dream – minimalist, simplistic, barebones. The seats make drivers feel connected to the road, and the steering wheel is F-1 inspired.

In typical Toyota fashion, it’s a lot more than just the design that is futuristic. Calty Design Research pitched the vehicle to the Toyota management team by working with Polyphony Digital (the Gran Turismo video game makers), so that they could create a simulator for the FT-1. The wheel to the simulated car was then given to Toyota president Akio Toyoda, who was blown away, and signed off on the deal.

It’s fun to see Toyota step back into the sports car market, with a car that we can only assume will be an absolute blast on road and track alike. If cars could smile, the Supra would be doing exactly that at the unveiling of the FT-1 concept.

Photo Credit: Toyota

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