Owner battles dealership over his Camaro that they wrecked

For people lucky enough to accomplish it, owning your dream sports car is a feeling unlike any other. Unfortunately, stories like the following occur that make us all scared of purchasing our ideal car.

John Hooper is a Delaware Camaro fanatic, and was the proud owner of a 2012 ZL1. But when he took it to his local dealership for a warranty-covered paint problem, a dealership employee decided to take an unauthorized joyride, with the final destination being a telephone pole.

Bad enough, right? Well, unfortunately, it gets worse. The dealership waited a day before informing Hooper of the news, and they then staunchly refused to pay for the damage. They told Hooper (according to his post on the enthusiast board Camaro5) that the totaled car was not their problem, and they went so far as to refuse his request for insurance information.

To add insult to injury, this is not a simple matter of a rich car owner getting screwed. Hooper saved and saved to afford his dream Camaro (he has authored six books about Camaros), and his own insurance company has deemed that the vehicle is totaled.

This was nearly a month ago, and meanwhile, the dealership is still demanding payments for the salvaged vehicle. It took a while before the dealership took responsibility, but when they did they offered Hooper a used ZL1 that Hooper claims is not worth the amount that his vehicle was worth. In the meantime they have given him a temporarily loan vehicle, while the two sides continue to battle.

Whatever happened to you break it, you buy it?

Photo Credit: John Hooper / Camaro5

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