Despite Model S software update, vampire draw remains

It took Tesla nine months to finally update their software to fix a vampire power drain, and the results are lacking. Their Model S is notorious for sucking energy when the car is off, which Tesla attributes to keeping its computers and systems constantly on so that the vehicle is ready to go as soon as the driver is. Yet when Tesla attempted to increase engine-off efficiency for a car that loses, on average, about 6% of its charge per day, they mostly failed to do so.

It’s hard to believe that Tesla is one of the most technologically advanced automotive brands on the market. It’s ironic that a company known for being light years ahead of the class is struggling with a problem that Nissan and Chevrolet have handled effortlessly.

Ironically, the vampire power drain is relatively new to Tesla: the Model S used to feature a sleep mode that allowed the car to discharge energy at only 1% per day. But due to other glitches caused by sleep mode, Tesla discontinued the feature, and the vampire power drain emerged. And now Tesla is either incapable of fixing the energy suck, or is not interested in doing so, as plans to reintegrate a new and improved sleep mode have consistently been put on hold.

In the meantime all the people who have purchased a Tesla for its efficiency and eco-friendly impact, are now stuck with a vehicle that drains energy even when not in use.

Photo Credit: Tesla Motors

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