Ford to reveal 2015 Mustang on December 5

Next year, Ford will celebrate fifty years of history by racing into the information superhighway.

Ford will join forces with Facebook and Instagram to launch their campaign for the highly anticipated release of the 50th anniversary of the iconic American sports car.

In 1964, Ford showcased the Mustang in New York City simultaneously with the leading European cities of the era. On December 5th, 2013, Ford will go public with its new campaign on six different continents to millions of fans and Mustang enthusiasts.

While the Mustang is a symbol of Classic Americana, the impact of the vehicle resonates worldwide as a staple of film, television, music, video games and global pop culture.

Fans are encouraged to express their love, and devotion to the Mustang brand and express their anticipation for the new model with several platforms on Facebook and Instagram. While the Mustang is the most liked vehicle on Facebook with 5.5 million “likes”, the new campaign will surely cause that number to grow. #Mustanginspires is a film series that features top Instagram filmmakers’ short films based on fan photos of Mustangs. For the next fifteen days, a new video will premiere leading up to the global release.

Via Facebook and Instagram, fans are encouraged to share their photos and stories of what the Mustang has meant to them and their personal Mustang memories.

The passion that fans and car enthusiasts feel about the Mustang hasn’t changed; but the way the world communicates has; will release a preview photo of the 6th generation of the all-new Mustang before the release date on December 5th; not on the open road but on the World Wide Web.

Photo Credit: Ford

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