Honda introduces the world’s fastest lawn mower

Lawns don’t have a chance if this beast ever goes into production. Honda has introduced the ‘Lamgorghini of lawn mowers,’ if you will, in a one-off, grass-cutting device it is calling the Mean Mower.

Packing a 1000cc engine taken from a Honda VTR Firestorm, the Mean Mower is the fruit of collaboration between Honda UK and Team Dynamics, its British Touring Car Championship partner.

The Mean Mower is essentially a Honda HF260 Lawn Tractor on steroids. Its time from standstill to 60 mph is 4.0 seconds thanks to 96 Nm (70 lb.-ft.) of torque and 109 horsepower. The beast has a power-to-weight ratio of 532 bhp/ton and weighs a hefty 308 pounds.

Honda and Team Dynamics fine-tuned the chassis and a cutter equipped with two electric motors powered by a 3mm steel cutting cable at 4000 rpm. Other touches include F1 style paddle shifters to control the mower’s 6-speed gearbox driving the rear axle. A Scorpion exhaust system makes sure the Mean Mower announces its presence – and safe to say, at 130 db, it will.

The Mean Mower cuts grass at up to 15 mph but it’s capable of going up to 130 mph. We’re just hoping it gets a cameo in The Fast and the Furious 7.

Photo Credit: Honda

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