So, you want to be a spy photographer, eh?

Now’s your chance to learn from the best in the automotive spy photography business.

That’s right, the Queen Bee herself has officially launched Brenda Priddy’s SpyCamp for budding automotive spy photographers, eager to snap the next hottest car before it’s officially unveiled to the world…via the internet. Yes, the Brenda Priddy, the same photographer that’s been showing us what’s to come for the past 21 years. Trust me, before her…it was a lot of guessing and fantasizing, trying in vain to make out blurry vehicles.

Of course, the first-ever SpyCamp will be held at an undisclosed location this July, somewhere situated in the Southwest (rumour has it that it’ll be near the California-Nevada-Arizona border). You’ll get to spend four not-so-fun filled days of honing your trade, hoping to break through to the next level.

Here’s how the itinerary breaks down:

  • Check in to the block of rooms that Ms. Priddy has reserved for you (they had to move the engineers that were going to stay there to a different part of the hotel to accomodate this)
  • Enjoy a pizza dinner with her at an also-undisclosed bar where all of the car testers allegedly go to talk about cars, as well as how blazingly hot it is outside
  • A few tips from Brenda, mostly on where the secret garages are that the automakers keep their developmental cars
  • Being released into the wild to take your best shots without being caught
  • A critique from Brenda at the end of the day…if you make it that far…

What does the possibility of running afoul of Johnny Law for nearly a week going to run you? Well, for the actual cost of the camp ($775 for one person, or you could get the “couples special” for a mere $1,250), what you don’t get is travel to and from the area, the aforementioned hotel room costs, car rental (obviously you’ll need to get around to take all of those great pics), as well as fuel, snacks, and enough money for a bail bondsman/retainer fee for your lawyer.

But what you do get is a really sweet SpyCamp 2013 wristband, the same one that she hands out to test engineers as a consolidation prize for not trying hard enough to keep their developmental cars a secret from the rest of the world. Well worth the cost in my opinion.

I have to put these disclaimers out there: the application does state that Ms. Priddy is not a “tour guide”, and that “I DO NOT bail people out of jail and/or pay for traffic violations”. Her words, not mine.

So, live out your dreams of snapping your next dream car at your own risk…but who knows? You just might be the next great automotive spy photographer…

Photo Credit: Cadillac

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