Ferrari LaFerrari live photos: 2013 Geneva Motor Show

The Ferrari Enzo successor has arrived at the Geneva Motor Show and its called … wait for it … LaFerrari, which translates to “the Ferrari.” The name notwithstanding, this hybrid Ferrari, only 499 one of which will be made, is a beast packed with technology and inspired by Formula 1.

LaFerrari is Ferrari’s most innovative machine to date with a V12 that revs up to a max of 9,250 rpm, an unbelievable number and a record for an engine of this kind. A 120 Kw electronic motor is also aboard, and serves as an integral part of the hybrid technology known as HY-KERS, a Ferrari experiment that will likely end up in future cars, which it envisions to be all-electric.

The interior of the LaFerrari was designed with F1 in mind, from the seats, which were made with consultation from F1 drivers to the redesigned steering wheel, which includes all the commands previously found on the dashboard. The gear-shift pedals are also a little longer than in the Enzo with ergonomics in mind.

Since this is a Ferrari, performance is world-class as expected. The LaFerrari will reach 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds and 200 km/h in under 7 seconds. It’s faster than the Engzo and the F12berlinetta, if you’re wondering, but the caveat is that while it revvs u, its electric batteries are charging. Every time the V12 produces excess torque, the energy is converted into power for the batteries.

The chassis on this beast are made from four types of carbon-fibre, hand-laminated and produced in the same factory as the F1 car.

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