GM offers ’14 Silverados for free!

You can be the first in your neighborhood to park a 2014 Silverado in your garage. The best part? You won’t have to bother with salesman, general managers or loans at all because its free. That’s right, FREE! By logging on to GM Parts Direct you can… download a free 2014 Silverado. Download? With the real thing still getting ready for production, GM Parts Direct partnered up with to generate an interesting promotion with which you can build your own 2014 Chevrolet Silverado. Download the PDF file (it won’t work with Internet Explorer, just Chrome or Firefox) and on a few pieces of thick stock paper you can print out the templates. Other than that you’ll just need an X-ACTO knife, some art glue, black and red markers for coloring the edges, and a surface your wife or mom wont get mad at you for cutting the template out on. Watch the speeded up process here… For other paper models, not all free, you can visit

Photo Credit:  GM Parts Direct

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