Top 10 causes of car accidents

There are millions of car accidents happen every year and many of them are luckily not deadly. They only cause damage to the vehicle and small injuries for what you seek out the help of a top car accident lawyer in your area. The severe and unfortunate car accidents cause life time injuries, loss of organs, and destruction of belongings and sometimes take lives.

Even the experienced and expert drivers might involve in accidents with a little act of carelessness. The traffic fatalities can be reduced if the drivers know the major reasons of the accidents on the roads so they can avoid them. Attention and precautions are must for safe driving and life security. After reviewing the incidents, the analyst has reached to the point that usually the car accidents happen due to these 10 reasons.

  1. Over Speeding

The traffic department has made the rules for the driving inside the city and on the highways. The speed limit for every kind of vehicle has been written in the rules that should be observed to avoid the accidents. The limit is decided keeping in mind the load on the road so the drivers can keep the vehicle in control. It is common observation that drivers ignore the speed limit especially on the highways. They drive 10-30mph over the limit. The faster they driver the less time they get to react to the emergency.

  1. Distraction

There can be so many distracting factors and they can be different for individuals. Sometime an event outside become the distraction, sometimes the stress and sometimes handling something in the car like replying a text, talking a call, eating something or talking to someone. The driver should be conscious to avoid the distracting elements.

  1. Reckless Driving

Driving carelessly increased the chances of getting involved into a car accident. It includes changing lanes without giving indicator, crossing roads without horn, quickly turning and over and undertaking the other cars in hurry. It is safer to reach late than never. Reckless driving is not cool, the driver must always be careful and alert to give all the indicators and necessary horn.

  1. Driving in Storm

Bad weather is not safe for driving. Rain, storms, and snow make the roads slippery where the brakes often don’t work and the cars spin out of drivers’ control. It is recommended not to go outside other than serious need in such conditions. Rains and storms also have an impact on the personal emotions that can be another form of distraction for the drivers.

  1. Ignoring Stop or Reduce Speed Signs

Stop and reduce speed signs are placed where serious accidents often occur. Many accidents occur due to running through the stop signs. Where, they ask you to reduce the speed of the car as there is a dangerous turn ahead that you should follow it. If there is no traffic on the road and there is stop sign, you can cross it by looking on the both sides of the road and go.

  1. Improper Turns and Lane Changing

Safe lane change requires indicator and slow speed, similarly the turns also. Unsafe lane changing and turns also cause accidents on the roads. Everyone expect from the other driver to be careful who is not going to take the responsibility. You have to be watchful for your own safety.

  1. Drunk Driving

It is another major reason observed for the accidents that not only cause damage to the driver but also the pedestrians. There are so many cases reported of killings due to drunk driving. A drunk individual is unable to focus and drive properly that lose their control over the steering and car. A drunk person should never drive that is also one the rules.

  1. Attending Phone Calls

Despite of the so many campaigns regarding not using phone while driving, there are so many people who attend and make calls while driving and involve in an accident. Talking on phone distract their focus and it affects their driving. Sending SMS while driving is worst them talking calls. Youngers and teen driver are more often involved in texting while driving and they are also less experienced so they intricate into damaging incident.

  1. Fog

In fog, the ability to see becomes even zero and the drivers are unable to see what is ahead. It is difficult to drive a car even the headlights do not work in such condition. If it is necessary to go on the roads in fog you should use high beam lights that are available in the market to additionally attach and fix with the vehicle.

  1. Street Racing

Generally young drivers, fascinated by the fast and furious, starts street racing that is dangerous and can be deadly. The racing on the streets has result in car accident as the drivers over speed the car.









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