Car Alarm: How Much Does it Cost?

The world has become an unsafe place. We’re spending more money than ever on home and personal security. Thankfully, most new cars are equipped with car alarms. If your car doesn’t have this important security feature, perhaps it’s time to consider having a car alarm installation done sooner rather than later.


For most people, our cars are our biggest investments, second only to our homes. A car alarm is an important precaution that helps protect our vehicles from being stolen or broken into by criminals.

Getting a car alarm installed can seem to be a pain, since most people are just annoyed by the fact that car alarms add to noise pollution. They wonder where the car owner is, instead of being concerned by the fact that intruders might be lurking.

But while it is no guarantee that thieves will stay away from your car, a loud alarm should go a long way to deterring criminals.


Basic car alarms have sensors attached to a sound source. However, most modern cars are equipped with off switches in the pressure sensors, hoods, doors and trunk. Known as immobilizers, these security systems use an extra battery to ensure it still works, even when the engine is off and your car is parked. After all, that’s when most burglars tend to strike.

Other car security systems include:

  • Steering wheel locks, that can cost about $15 for a basic one, to $90 for an advanced lock.
  • Hood locks are quite cheap, at between $15 to $90
  • Tinted windows, which can range in price from approximately $50 to $800.

Other systems that can help secure your car include a quick-release steering wheel, a kill switch system, installing a dash cam, and etching your VIN number on valuable parts of the car and on the windows.


Some car alarms can be tailored to fit the owner’s needs. However, most systems contain a module or “brain”, radio frequency remote transmitters, a siren, a shock sensor, LED, and an override or valet switch. Your choice of car alarm system will vary, depending on your vehicle type and preferences.

The average cost to install a basic car alarm system can range from $30 to $300. These systems usually have a siren sound that is attached to the wiring.

If it is more difficult to access your car’s dashboard, the costs can go up to approximately $500.

Costs depend on many factors. If you supply your own system, you will only pay for the installation itself, which consists of:

  • dash removal (if needed)
  • wiring
  • car door inspection
  • trigger testing
  • and operational instruction.


Different auto shops will charge different rates for car alarm installation. A good way to find a good auto shop is to speak to your friends and ask for a referral. Always read reviews before you buy a car alarm or choose an auto shop to perform the installation. Nationwide Auto Transportation has a great post about how to analyze reviews.




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