Why do car insurance quotes change so frequently?

You might have had occasions when, while searching for car insurance quotes, you have decided to hold off buying any policies due to their prohibitively high prices… only to check again and notice drops in those prices a few days later. What’s happening here? Why weren’t you offered the cheaper price straight away? A third check several days later might even reveal the prices to have risen again.

It can all add up to a lot of confusion in your mind, particularly if you are a young driver and, thus, not too experienced with perusing motor insurance options. Truthfully, quotes can go up and down depending on various factors – and knowing them can help you to take out a policy at the right time.


You might already know that insurers tend to give inexperienced motorists pricier quotes due to the greater risk which these drivers generally pose. That’s fine, you might think; however, you could struggle to get your head around why, after you have routinely driven safely during your first year of coverage, the renewal quote is higher than what you were previously paying for your policy.

This is MONEY.co.uk reporter Alisha Rouse encountered this situation, leading her to look for new quotes. On a Thursday, she found that her existing insurer Admiral quoted £792 for a new customer – a £157 cut compared to her renewal quote. The next Wednesday, the price fell further to £788.70.

So far, so good – but, by the morning after, the rate had gone up to £801.90. It then increased to £834.90 by Monday before dropping to £819.50 that afternoon. Industry insiders have explained that car cover tends to be at its most expensive on Saturday or Sunday, when the majority of people have more time for shopping around. It’s a matter of supply and demand.


Despite these annoying fluctuations, one common denominator in all of this is you – the driver looking for insurance. You might not have noticed that something as supposedly frivolous as your wording could be affecting the quotes you are getting.

Perhaps, when filling in a form to look up quotes, you called yourself unemployed rather than retired, even though the latter might more precisely describe your status. In that case, you probably shouldn’t be surprised if, in switching to that description, you see the same quotes dropping by 50%.

The Guardian reports research revealing that the price saving in this particular instance could reach as much as £700. Even your email address could be factored into the calculation of quotes. If you have switched from a hotmail.com address to a gmail.com one since you last looked for quotes, the quotes you see now could be noticeably lower, the Mirror implies.

You could still significantly simplify the task of finding inexpensive quotes if you ask an independent broker – the UK-located Call Wiser one good example of such – to search for you.


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