How a history check could improve car performance

Knowing the complete history of your automobile is hugely important, yet many motorists are unaware of their car’s past and this can actually be quite dangerous. A vehicle may have been mistreated in its past, it could have a recurring problem that may show itself down the line or it could even be harbouring a dark secret.


It is for these reasons why it is always important to get a vehicle history check carried out by Cap HPI when shopping in the used car market. This will help a motorist to determine whether or not it is a smart purchase and it is just as important as giving the vehicle a thorough inspection and a test drive. It is also the first line of defensee against used car scams like clocking, cut n shuts and cloning.


Although a history check should always be carried out prior to purchasing, it can still be a valuable process to do if you are unaware of the history of your current vehicle. In fact, a vehicle history check could even improve the performance of your car. These checks will uncover important information such as any maintenance work that has (or has not) been carried out and this could allow you to make changes to optimise the vehicle’s performance.


In addition to allowing you to understand the car’s complete history and the advantages that this brings, a vehicle history check is also important because it provides the owner with peace of mind. Not knowing the history of the car can be a huge gamble as there could be all kinds of issues that could arise because of its past which could cost you a fortune or even see the vehicle taken away (reported as stolen, outstanding finance etc.). Getting a check carried out can provide the motorist with reassurance that their car is safe and legal – if not, it allows the owner to take action before the consequences reveal themselves.

Unfortunately, the used car market is filled with unsafe and even illegal cars along with fraudulent sellers. This is why it is vital that every owner gets a car history check carried out (ideally before purchasing) so that they can protect themselves whilst also learning about the vehicle’s past. This information can help a motorist to improve their car by identifying weaknesses, plus they can also provide peace of mind and ensure that your automobile is not harbouring any kind of secret.

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