Five things you need to know about the McLaren 720S

Which engine it features

Its engine is nicknamed the ‘M840T’ which basically stands for McLaren V8 4.0-litre turbo. Yep, it’s just that simple. In theory, the name of the car suggests that the motor develops 720PS at 7,500rpm and a monumental 568lb at 5,500rpm – if that doesn’t leave you in total awe, nothing will.

McLaren 720S’ top speed

Arguably, McLaren’s 720S is too fast – if there even is such a thing. 0 to 62mph in 2.9 seconds is certainly something to boast about, even for a supercar manufacturer. The top speed is found at 212mph, we’re sure there’ll be a decent increase on this when the LT version is announced later this year!

Tech Featured on the Inside 

McLaren has integrated a Variable Drift Control mode within the traction safety net, allowing you to decide how much angle is required from your drift before the car saves you from the worst. “As a keen enthusiast of super sportscars myself, I cannot deny that McLaren has built something remarkably unique. Jumping one step ahead of the game, the sports car manufacturer has made certain its latest 720S features all the necessary tech and gadgets to satisfy all aficionados”, said Peter Matthews of Andrews Garage. “It’s like no other supercar I have seen before and I would be extremely overwhelmed to own one of them myself.”

Is it Expensive?

Bought from new, McLaren’s 720S costs a towering £206,600, in which case it’s better to make sure you have that kind of money lying around before you commit to buying one of them. On the bright side though, compared to the likes of a Lamborghini Huracan, you can’t exactly call it overpriced and its insane speed makes up for it somewhat.

Something Interesting about McLaren’s 720S

McLaren have been accused of being a bit too serious with their recent cars, the capability has never been questioned but it seems that they were too concerned with the numbers. To show they still have a fun side there’s a silly little start-up trick you might just want to learn if you ever approach the opportunity to experience a McLaren 720S on the road. We’ll talk you through it, so you can try it out for yourself!

Jump inside McLaren’s 720S and press the engine ‘start’ button to wake the car up first. But, don’t press the brake pedal just yet. Hit the ‘active’ button and turn both switches into ‘Track Mode’, hold the brake down and start the engine – it should blare into life with a huge flourish of revs, fire a little petrol into the exhaust and ignite it. Don’t panic, the loud cracking sound will probably startle you at first, but you’ll get used to it eventually. Okay, so it’s nothing big or clever, but it proves that McLaren can build supercars that aren’t just about number crunching!





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