5 things to consider after you’ve been pulled over for DUI

Nearly everyone will tell you that no matter how alert and in-control you feel after having had a couple of drinks, you should not drive. The potential consequences that can accompany a DUI conviction are just too great to chance it. However, if you do choose to get behind the wheel and are subsequently pulled over, don’t panic; what you choose to do may greatly affect the outcome of your night and your DUI case. Remember the following tips to help keep your situation from going bad to worse:

  1. Wait patiently to be approached: Do not attempt to exit your vehicle and explain yourself. Doing so could be misinterpreted as aggression. Instead, simply pull over and remain seated with your hands on your steering wheel.
  2. Do not be argumentative: There’s an old saying that goes “You attract more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.” Arguing with the officer who pulled you over may get you into further trouble, whereas being cooperative may help ensure that you won’t face further charges.
  3. Don’t be candid about how much you drank: Remember that it is up to law enforcement to prove that you’re drunk; don’t help them to do that. If you wish, you can invoke your 5th Amendment privilege to not answer any questions.
  4. Know your rights: While implied consent laws compel you to submit to chemical testing of your blood, breath, saliva or urine, they do not force you to take field sobriety tests or a preliminary alcohol screening (breathalyzer tests).
  5. Think one step ahead: Understand that even if you choose not to answer questions or submit to testing, you still will likely be arrested for suspicion of DUI. Accept this fact and make contacting a drunk driving lawyer your top immediate priority.

If you do happen to be pulled over for DUI and arrested as a result, not to worry; there are legal professionals out there who, even if they’re unable to get the charges against you dismissed, can still secure a favorable outcome to your case. Remember that www.ticketclinic.com can do more than just refer you to a Sacramento attorney for traffic tickets; you can also find information and assistance to help deal with DUI charges. Stop by and see for yourself.

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