The new 2018 Range Rover revealed

Made to travel across some of the roughest surfaces on the face of the planet, Land Rover have seen phenomenal improvements since its first release of the Range Rover model almost 70 years ago. ‘Making leaps and bounds in technological improvements from one generation to the next, there is no better time to invest in a Range Rover than 2018.’ Says Peter Quinn of Emerald Vehicle Sales.

Needless to say, the stunning new Range Rover Velar will certainly not fail to impress with its technologically advanced cockpit. Almost all conventional switches have been replaced with two touchscreen systems, both devices being classy and offering excellent resolution. All features are well-laid-out and easily accessible to the driver, which means no more worrying about finding the right buttons while you are trying to concentrate on the road ahead.

The more compact and sports-orientated Range Rover offers excellent seat comfort to enhance the luxurious feeling of travelling in a Velar. Not to mention, there is a generous amount of interior space to accommodate all passengers, and model even has the potential to exceed 150mph.

While the Range Rover Velar appears to share similarities with older models, the interior features are much different and more advanced. The Velar is expected to surpass its rivals in regard to its technical features and with its external build being more durable, it will surely have little problem doing just that.

For those looking to invest in a vehicle that is more sports-orientated, offers more practicality, a powerful engine and a comfortable drive, the Range Rover Velar will undoubtedly suit your requirements. Whereas those who prefer the conventional settings of the classic models may not rate the Velar as their favourite Range Rover.

The stunning Range Rover Velar has been carefully created as a compact Sports Utility Vehicle, and is faultless in almost every element. It is expected to surpass the estimated number of sales in 2018 and replace its late rivals in the car industry too.

However, the Velar isn’t entirely perfect. On its larger wheels, the ride can become slightly unsettled and feel a little less comfortable. With that said, if you don’t mind the price of the brand-new Range Rover, and the bumpy roads make no difference to you, then the Velar is certainly top of its class.

Photo Credit: Land Rover

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