An overview of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator

To compete among $75,000 SUVs, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator has to try harder, and its price, which used to save you significantly, is now more in line with its rivals. Lincoln skipped the 2017 model year to focus on this total re-do.Your sense of style and your wallet are sure to be the final determiners when it comes to whether or not it belongs in your driveway.

Navigators never enjoyed a honeymoon period with the public like the Cadillac Escalade. Lincoln doesn’t have the nameplate cache of the Mercedes-Benz, although this may matter less with vehicle title loans. Lincoln seems to have made gains in all areas important to both families and luxury buyers. This may position it better against its rivals.


If you are spending this much money, you’d expect to get more space. There will be less complaining with best-in-class legroom on the second and third rows. The second row tilts and slides. These passengers enjoy their own climate controls and USB port. The third row has reclining outboard seats, dedicated vents, and a USB port.

The cargo area measures 18 cu.ft., which means piling your gear to the ceiling. To put that into perspective, a large sedan may have 18 cu.ft. in the trunk. This smaller hold is a common problem among all three-row SUVs, luxury or otherwise. The extra-long Navigator does add much more cargo space, which is the main reason people are willing to pay extra for it.


French-stitched leather adds a rich feel to the seats. Fine touches are also covered in soft leather. The dash has a virtual cockpit screen, a large infotainment touchscreen and a push button shifter. A high-gloss ebony finish makes it stand out. A wireless charger isn’t the only high tech way this SUV serves you. For that high price, you get a vehicle that knows your key fob. It differentiates you from the other driver and changes up to 80 different settings to accommodate your preferences. This includes the pedals, mirrors, temperature, radio and more. The driver and front row passenger can enjoy heated and cooled 30-way power seats and even get a massage with the push of a button. Of course, it is offering a panoramic sunroof and a dual-screen rear entertainment system. The exterior looks as polished as a big SUV can. Power-operated side steps help your family in and out of the cabin.

Luxury hallmarks always include ride quality. If it can’t meet the highest standards, it isn’t living up to its pricetag. Perhaps that’s why Lincoln engineers spent so much time on acoustic window treatments and noise insulation. They worked on tire noise to keep it from intruding on cabin tranquility. They reconfigured the air vents to allow heat and air through without making noise. A noise canceling system is in place to balance any other road noise.

Luxury also means performance, and here Lincoln has stepped up its game. The outgoing model generated 380 horsepower. The new one generates 450 horsepower. Fuel economy is understandably low at 19 mpg city/23 mpg highway.

If you’ve got the budget to accommodate a large ride, this one is definitely worked hard to make your list.

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