Secrets to becoming an awesome biker

Improving your biking skills requires keeping your bike in perfect running condition. You also need to ensure that the bike suits your body size, shape and weight. Here are some useful tips to ensure that you choose the best bike and maintain it for maximum benefit.

  1. Invest in the best parts

To maintain the safety of your bike, make sure that you replace any damaged parts immediately. Exposure to rough terrain, harsh weather and chemicals can result in wear and tear of your bike. Make sure you get a regular assessment of your bike and maintain key Bike Bandit parts such as the engine, batteries and suspension system at top efficiency.

  1. Antilock brakes

Many models now come equipped with antilock brakes, but even if yours doesn’t, you can always get a pair installed on your bike. Antilock brakes go a long way in making your bike safe and long-lasting. In many cases, having antilock brakes can be the biggest factor in surviving a serious accident. Whether you need to apply brakes during an emergency or on a slippery road, antilock brakes help you maintain control over the steering while coming to a stop.

  1. Protect yourself

This should go without saying but it is surprising to see so many bikers risking their lives by riding without a helmet. When riders wear helmets, the rate of motorcycle fatalities can go down by almost 30 percent. Wearing a helmet protects your head against impact and trauma. Other benefits of wearing a helmet are that they filter out external noise, allowing you to ride in comfort and stay focused on the road. Moreover, if you wear a full-face helmet, it can even protect your eyes from the wind and dust. Your jacket should cover your complete upper body and should be made of tough material. You can view a full jacket line up here.

  1. Big is not necessarily better

It’s an old notion that big bikes necessarily offer greater power. Today’s bikes pack up a whole lot of punch within their compact size. If you’re going out to buy a new bike, you may have to settle for a smaller one, since it is likely to have more power than your current bike. Displacement engine technology has become much more advanced so you don’t need to worry about things like getting more torque or speed.

  1. Focus on comfort

To become a better biker it is important to feel comfortable. Don’t comprise common sense for style and pay for it with more injuries and poor performance. Most bikers make mistakes when they go for overly large bikes. When testing a bike for comfort, check how long your legs go when you sit on the bike. Ideally, the feet should rest flat instead of your having to life your soles off the ground. Another thing to consider is that you shouldn’t need to extend your upper body forward too much in order to grab the handlebar.

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