How to save on mileage

The average car costs about £3000 a year to run, a huge portion of this cost is down to fuel. Minimizing your fuel costs can save you hundreds and it doesn’t take any effort to do. VanStop Owner Michael Armstrong says that preserving miles is the best way to get a better price at part exchange, going on to say that miles tracked is one of the first things a dealer checks.


It’s easier said than done for those who love nothing more than speeding along the roads ahead, but a reliable way to save on your mileage would be to just go with the flow. Really, it’s as simple as that. Revving your car is just a quicker way to waste your fuel and waste of your money investing even more in fuel as a result.


Ideally, a proud car owner would want to make sure that their vehicle is combusting its fuel efficiently. Factors like an uninflated tyre, poor wheel alignment, unclean filters or a faulty spark plug can let your vehicle down massively regarding mileage, however these issues can be fixed quite simply and are not usually expensive in cost.


Particularly during acceleration, your vehicle will waste a substantial amount of fuel if there is an excess of weight because it will need to use more power to move. So, if there’s too much luggage in your boot, or if there’s something heavy that perhaps you don’t need to keep in your vehicle, the best way to save on your mileage would be to leave it at home. In this way, you’re cutting your mileage down by at least 2%, which might not seem like much to some, but when it’s all added up, it makes a huge difference.


Although people don’t go looking for traffic, and it’s a lot easier said than done, avoiding traffic is a brilliant way to save on mileage. Believe it or not, even though your car isn’t on the move, more fuel is wasted being stuck in stationary traffic than it is when travelling from one place to another. Given the choice between a shortcut which is often jammed with traffic, or a slightly longer route, always go for the latter.

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