CalTrend provides customized seat covers for all automotive tastes

Have you ever admired someone else’s car because of its exterior color, saying to yourself, “wish I chose that color?” Well, a new paint job can set owners back a pretty penny. It’s not exactly an affordable option for most of us. It’s a good thing that it’s a lot easier to switch up and customize the interior, however.

CalTrend, a California-based company, has manufactured customized upholstery for more than 20 years. There is literally a custom seat cover for all tastes – with leather, EuroSport, various camouflage options, neoprene and even pet prints available. Think of seat cover customization the way that kids think about sneakers!

All of the seat covers are crafted in CalTrend’s Santa Ana, California, factory and the company sells the products through a network of authorized online and brick-and-mortar retailers nationwide. With dedicated customer service, buying from CalTrend is a hassle-free and smooth experience. The seat covers are made to order and feature premium-grade automotive fabrics and high-quality stitching, webbing and other features such as extra-large back pockets – exclusive to the company’s products.

The promise of “a glove-like fit” is essentially the company’s mission, so if your vehicle model is not listed on the website or you have other concerns, give CalTrend a call and you will get the product that fits just the way you want.

Among the choices offered are carbon fiber seat covers, which are available in six colors and will give your car’s interior a sleeker, sportier look. The fabric is designed to look like carbon fiber and leather and is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, UV resistant and even flame retardant. A complete row of seat, headrest, armrest and console covers is available, meaning an upgrade to your entire car’s interior.

Among other intrigue offerings, CalTrend carries camouflage and NeoSupreme seat covers. The NeoSupreme covers are ideal for trucks, Jeeps and SUVs used for off-roading or beach trips. Forget about the mud and water stains inside the car. Choose from one of eight available automotive colors for your vehicle model and CalTrend will outfit your car with treated fabric that is UV resistant and water repellant.

Installing the seat covers doesn’t require tools, an the new fabric simply covers your car’s factory-installed upholstery. Seats do not need to be removed in most cases, although there are exceptions for some rear bench seats. Installation requirements come with seat covers and customer service is available daily at a toll-free number.

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