Buying a new or used car in the UK

Buying a car can be quite an overwhelming experience at times. It can also end up being a lot of effort. But, you should always see a car as an investment instead of just looking at it as just another purchase. This is because its value will depreciate with time if you wish to sell it. Most people buy cars with a loan, and this is why there is a whole lot of financial commitment that comes into the picture.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while buying a new car:

Be informed

Research is the only way you can get as informed as possible. This is because there are a lot of sellers and dealers who will try making unwarranted demands from you and the Internet and automobile magazines will help you learn about cars and gain knowledge. This will ensure that you can tell your salesperson exactly what you want.

Take advice

If you don’t know anything about cars, then you shouldn’t try getting one on your own. Take along a friend who knows about cars. Getting a second opinion will really help in such situations. Don’t go one-on-one with the car salesperson.

Set a budget

There will obviously be an upper limit on purchases. Make sure you stick to this upper limit and don’t cross it over no matter what. This will help ensure you not only save money but also don’t exceed affordability. This will also guarantee you only get an EMI (equated monthly instalment) you can afford.

Money talk

You should never discuss money upfront. This is because salespersons like challenges and they will always try to sell you something that’s outside your budget. That’s why you should make sure you do everything quietly and visit a few dealers so you can get an accurate valuation for the car you want to buy.

Salespeople aren’t your friends

You need to understand that no matter how harmless or charming salespeople may seem, they will always have their dealer’s best interests in mind. They need to make sales no matter what. If you aren’t feeling comfortable, try finding another salesperson or a whole other dealership.

Used car

Now, when it comes to used cars, the story is a little different. Used car dealers had a terrible reputation a little while ago, but it was with good reason. Thankfully, used car dealers are more reputable nowadays. Thankfully, they are bound by regulations and laws now which help ensure the vehicles they are selling meet the set standards. This means you don’t have to worry too much while buying a used car. Obviously, this doesn’t mean every used car you buy will be in excellent condition.

The best warranties and cars are found at franchise dealers, but even general dealers can help with buying a used car as far as insurance, servicing, exchange, and finance are concerned. You could also consider approved programs by manufacturers. They can add greater value to every deal with things like extended warranty and free breakdown cover.

One more thing you should consider when it comes to used cars is to always take a test drive. If there’s nothing wrong with the car you want to buy, the dealer shouldn’t have any trouble letting you take it for a spin. If they protest, it’s a sure shot sign that something’s wrong.

The best way to circumvent all these problems though is with the Internet. When you visit an online car dealer like, you will not have to deal with pesky salesmen, and you will certainly not have to worry about paying too much. You can compare the prices of your favourite car and then make a purchase which makes you happy. That’s all you ever wanted, isn’t it?


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