Ford’s RS Division and the future

In recent years, Ford have had an injection of rocket fuel and everything seems to be changing for the company. From a highly successful marketing strategy to the RS’s popularity, the company seem to be focusing on performance and speed, with a drive towards bringing outstanding motoring to the layman. In fact, with the direction Ford is going in, there is speculation and rumour that their RS division may expand. Developed and steered by the Ford Performance team, the company can lean on their motorsport credentials and bring some fantastic features to cars within an achievable price range.


Released this year, the Focus RS has received positive acclaim from every which way, with no sign of stopping. Its success is due to its Ford Performance all-wheel-drive, which enables impressive cornering; its rejuvenated design and 2.3l engine. Drawing on successes derived from the Ford Performance team, this car has set a precedent for the future of Ford. The RS badge stands for Rallye Sport and is attributed to supercars, which have had input from Ford Performance.


Following its success, Ford plans to release more supercars as we head toward 2020. 2017 is going to be an exciting year for the company, as the Ford GT is planned for release, billed as Ford’s best ever car yet. With an aerodynamic shape, RWD and limited production, its inception has contributed to elevating the company back to its previously lauded status.

There are still heavy rumours about the RS version of the Fiesta launching in 2017. The RS brand is something collectors and drivers are keen on, making the prospect of a Fiesta version an attractive option for the home enthusiast.


Whilst the limited edition GT is an exciting launch for the serious collector and driver, it is still priced at the higher end, which means not affordable for everyone. Essentially, you can get a lot of the features in these recent and sporty models in cheaper models such as the Zetec S and the ST variations of the Focus. For affordable second hand Ford cars, have a look at Motorpoint’s range and you could enjoy some of the features of the new and exciting Ford range in a reasonably priced vehicle.


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